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TTPITC delivers pragmatic, insightful and innovative solutions to businesses that are looking for clear, cost-effective, timely strategies and honest advice, based on proven experience and tangible achievements, delivered with power, agility and focus.
o   Set up new legal entity in 10 EU countries – enabled transfer of 230 personnel from individual businesses to a new, centralised, CTO entity providing shared IT services to all 10 countries
o   Transferred & consolidated 4 Japan-based data centres (DCs – mainframe, AS/400, midrange) to 2 Australia-based – a US$50m program



TTPITC provides transformational services for businesses whose strategic implementations require Change Management, IT Strategy and Advice, Program Management and/or Interim Executives. 

The value to you is our single source offering, a varied and all encompassing provision that allows you to take advantage of new opportunities, as there will be only one point of contact for your whole engagement. This allows you to focus on your day to day issues and enjoy the benefits of project implementation, such as improved operating efficiencies and customer service, with new and innovative ways to communicate and build relationships with your customers.


Our team of experts can be assembled quickly to handle your needs. Working with you we apply the latest and most effective solutions and technology to address the myriad of business issues you face every day.

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Developed internally by TTPITC Directors, this approach is the result of multiple years of practical experience in successful business transformation programs.  Known as the '3Rs', the business objective of our Core Model is to deliver a strategic organisational platform for the client, supporting its ongoing operations, its growth agenda and empowering it with the agility to cope with opportunities and threats as they arise.


We work with you every step of the way to develop this foundation, guiding you through each component of our '3Rs' approach :


'Re-Evaluate' your business and technical strategy, considering best practice in the market and specifically what your competition is offering.  We help revise and devise appropriate objectives for stategic deployment, including business case preparation


'Re-Structure' your organisation to facilitate successful delivery of the newly 're-evaluated' objectives by making appropriate changes, making the most effective use of your resource including people, technology and skillsets


'Re-Direct' to drive the prioritisation and implementation of  strategic programs targeted to deliver success in accordance with your business roadmap. TTPITC makes sure that the technical and human elements are considered together and expertly executed to ensure a completly sustainable and working implementation